Country Evening Ethiopia

What is this country that has thirteen months of sunshine and a time system of its own?

The doctoral student from our partner university in Hawassa presented his home country, its people, customs and culture as well as its diverse landscape on 23/11/2018.

Following the presentation, the participants were invited to enjoy the delicious Ethiopian buffet while typical music videos were played in the background. The meal was eaten with the fingers, as it is done traditionally. The evening was capped with the famous coffee ceremony.

At the end everyone agreed: it was an entertaining evening with lots of good conversation, music, delicious food and, above all, an informative and educational event.

Photos by Christopr Saad

Cultural Evening Canada & USA

On 24 November 2017 students from Canada and the USA presented their home countries

A student from Canada and one from the USA presented their home countries with videos and presentations. Among other things they talked about prejudices, local specialties and wild animals. Interesting videos illustrated the beautiful landscape of the two countries. An animated discussion came up about the weapons law in the US, as many Europeans are not familiar with the concept of owning or carrying a firearm.

After the presentations the 50 participants listened to typical country music while tasting some typical delights which had been prepared by the students themselves. The snacks did not include the usual hamburgers or pizza, but homemade specialties like Canadian firefighters meatloaf, maple fudge and chocolate chip cookies were served. During the meal, the participants had an opportunity to get to know each other better and to talk about their home countries.

The event was well received not only by the international and local students of Kempten University, but also by some staff members and professors. It was a very entertaining and informative evening!

Text: Laura-Sophia Salfer

Cultural Evening Jordan & Palestine

On 10 November 2016 students presented their home countries Jordan and Palestine

Students from Jordan and Palestine narrated about the history and the current situation in their countries. Also stories of family life, the school system, stereotypes and the unique way of life, which makes these countries so special, were presented in detail.

Afterwards the approximately 90 participants experienced these cultures themselves with country-style food and Arabic music. This nice evening ended with many students dancing a typical Arabian dance.

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Cultural Evening Iran, Pakistan and India

Our Cultural Evening in summer semester 2016 has been about Iran, Pakistan and India. Students presented their home country through presentations, film and music followed by a yummy variety buffet of traditional food. Once again we have spent a really nice and interesting evening together!  The evening has given the participants great insight and left them with wanderlust and curiosity!

Cultural Evening Central & Eastern Europe

Laenderabend_MittelOstEU_ENCultural Evening Bulgaria, Hungary and Ukraine, 3rd December 2015

Our Cultural Evening in winter semester 2015/16 has been all about Middle and Eastern Europe. Students from Bulgaria, Hungary and Ukraine presented their home country through presentations and dancing followed by a very delicious and full of a lot of variety buffet with traditional food. Once again we have spent a really nice and interesting evening together!  

Cultural Evening Asia

Our Cultural Evening in summer semester 2015 has been all about the continent of Asia. Students from China, South Korea and Thailand presented their home country through presentations, dancing and singing followed by a very delicious buffet with traditional food. Once again we have spent a really nice and interesting evening together!  

Cultural Evening Latin America

Our Cultural Evening of winter semester 2014/15 has been under the theme of ‘Latin America’. Students from Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico presented their home countries. They brought their countries nearer through singing and dancing. With over 100 guests the rich buffet has almost been too less for everyone. It has been a really great evening!

Cultural Evening Bangladesch

During this event students from Bangladesh really showed what hospitality means to them. After a fascinating presentation about culture and daily life in Bangladesh everyone was invited to a big buffet of typical Bangladeshi food. All the delicious spices, the typical music and dresses let us feel like being on a journey far away. Thanks a lot to all students who spent so many hours in making this evening an unforgettable experience.