International Dinner WS 2018/19

On 24th October 2018 CultureShare Club hosted his successful event International Dinner. This time around 120 students and employees of the University of applied science Kempten participated in the event.

Arriving 5 past 7 p.m. to the venue (rare room of the Mensa), I was surprised about the already vibrant atmosphere. A lot of people have had already gathered, waiting to share their homemade cooking and some of their cultural background.

At approximately 7.30 the buffet with all the dishes, from near and far, was opened. It took mere seconds until the buffet was surrounded by all hungry and curious guests.

As in the previous times of the event, a competition was hosted to select the best main dish and the best desert. Winning wasn’t an easy task, as almost 170 dishes had been brought!

This times winners were from the countries Korea and Romania. The girls Seona, Jeong-yeon and Riah from Korea placed first in the categorie main. Their dish was Jim-dak, which can be translated to “Korean-chicken”. Winning with the Romanian desert Cremsnit (Cremes), which can be described as “cream pie”, was Cristian.

I dare to say, that all guests left with a broad smile on their face, as the evening had a really nice and welcoming atmosphere to it. Obviously the good food played a key role in the satisfaction of all present.

Text: Marco Mc Carthy

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