Cultural Evening Canada & USA

On 24 November 2017 students from Canada and the USA presented their home countries

A student from Canada and one from the USA presented their home countries with videos and presentations. Among other things they talked about prejudices, local specialties and wild animals. Interesting videos illustrated the beautiful landscape of the two countries. An animated discussion came up about the weapons law in the US, as many Europeans are not familiar with the concept of owning or carrying a firearm.

After the presentations the 50 participants listened to typical country music while tasting some typical delights which had been prepared by the students themselves. The snacks did not include the usual hamburgers or pizza, but homemade specialties like Canadian firefighters meatloaf, maple fudge and chocolate chip cookies were served. During the meal, the participants had an opportunity to get to know each other better and to talk about their home countries.

The event was well received not only by the international and local students of Kempten University, but also by some staff members and professors. It was a very entertaining and informative evening!

Text: Laura-Sophia Salfer

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