Hiking weekend in the mountains

On 18 May 2019 our group of 36 local and international students set off to a hiking weekend in the mountains. This time our destination was the Mountain Hostel in Spielmannsau close to Oberstdorf.

In the morning, we went altogether by bus to the parking Renksteg in Oberstdorf. From there, we started our hike through the pretty and quite flat Trettach Valley in order to reach the hut. Of course, there was enough time for a stop for a little picnic and some games at the borders of the picturesque lake Christlesee.

After moving into the rooms and leaving behind our backpacks we set off to discover the surroundings of Spielmannsau. One group reached the Alpine, historical village of Gerstruben while the other group did a more challenging hike through the Traufbach Valley. We did not miss the opportunities for relaxing breaks with food or drinks at one of the mountain huts enjoying the view of the surrounding mountains.

Back at our accommodation, we soon started to prepare our joint dinner. With the help of everyone we could enjoy pasta with three different and tasty sauces and some salad as a side. We concluded our beautiful day with a cozy campfire and stick bread at the borders of the river.

After an extensive breakfast the next morning we started off to our next hike. While a few students decided to stay back at the hut to play board games, the others took a pleasant path to reach the lake Freibergsee. There, the group split up again: some enjoyed the view of the lake, had lunch at the restaurant at the borders of the lake or just lay down in the grass to relax. The others prolonged the hike to a nearby hut.

In the late afternoon the bus picked us all up at our starting point. Everyone got back to Kempten tired but very happy after a fantastic weekend in the Alps.

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